‘Playful’ Is Not Just A Word

About Secretly so Whether you need a little help in the bedroom, in your marriage or with your partner or you are a solo player, we are here to help you. We supply a wide range of products from vibrators to remedies to prolong your performance to the just plain naughty but nice products. Never give up on your playtime if you can win the battle o so secretly.

When It All Started

Secretly So is a company created for fun secure and private shopping. No one will see you walk into our store and no one will know your personal picks of product. Our aim is to keep your identity and purchases is classified.

It is our mission to provide you the most luxurious and loved toys with a little bid of bondage and fetish in between. All handled in secret and send to you discreetly so. Our aim is to keep playtime fun and beautiful for all parties involved with comfort and secrecy.

We Work Hard But We Play Harder

We are proud to be prompt in our fast paced environment. We make sure that we work hard to get your order out as fast as possible so that you too can enjoy your newly surprise. If you need any information don’t hesitate to contact us.